How was the Temple of Shri Jagan Nath built in Puri?

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How was the Temple of Shri Jagan Nath built in Puri?

Kabir Sahib and Temple of Jagan Nath Puri

In Orissa state, there was a king named Indradaman. He was exclusively devoted to God Shri Krishna Ji. One night Shri Krishna appeared in king’s dream and said that get a temple of mine built by name Jagannaath. Shri Krishna Ji also said that idol-worship is not to be done in this temple. Only a saint has to be left in it who should impart knowledge according to Holy Gita to the visitors. He also showed the place on the seashore where the temple had to be built. On waking up in the morning King Indradaman told his wife that last night I saw God Krishna Ji. He has instructed to build a temple. The queen said, “Why delay an auspicious task? The entire wealth has been given by him only. Why think in offering it to him?” The king got the temple built in that place which Shri Krishna Ji had shown on the seashore in the dream. After the temple was built, a cyclone arose and demolished the temple. Not even a trace was left that there was a temple here. Like this, the king got the temple built five times. On all five occasions, the sea demolished it.

Supreme God Kabir visits King Indradaman in Orissa / Odisha

Being disappointed, the king decided not to build any temple. He thought that God knows which birth’s revenge the sea is taking from me. The treasury became empty; the temple did not get built. After sometime, Supreme God (KavirDev/God Kabir) according to the promise made to Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) came to King Indradaman and said to the King, “You get the temple constructed. This time the sea will not demolish the temple (palace).” The King said, “Saint Ji, I do not believe it. I have been getting the temple constructed by the order of God Shri Krishna (Vishnu) Ji. Shri Krishna has not been able to stop the sea. I have got the temple built five times thinking this that God might be testing me. But now I am not even worthy of giving a test because even the treasury has become empty. Now I am not capable of getting the temple built.” God Kabir said, “Indradaman, the Parmeshwar who has created all the brahmands, only He is capable of doing everything; not other gods. I have the ‘word’ power of that Parmeshwar. I can stop the sea (hiding himself, was telling the truth).” The king said, “Saint Ji, I can not accept that there is some other God more powerful than Shri Krishna Ji. When even he could not stop the sea, then what can an insignificant person like you do. I do not believe it and nor is my financial state suitable for constructing the temple (palace).” KavirDev (God Kabir) in Saint form said, “King, if you feel like constructing the temple, then come to me. I live in so and so place. This time the sea will not demolish the temple.” On saying this, God went away.

That night God Shri Krishna again appeared before King Indradaman and said, “Indradaman, get the temple built one more time. Contact the saint who had come to you, and beg for help from him. He is not an ordinary saint. His bhakti-power has no limit.”

King Indradaman woke up from sleep and narrated the whole account of his dream to his queen. The queen said, “If God is saying then you must not fall short. Get the palace of God built again.” On hearing the goodwill speech of queen, the king said, “Now even the treasury has become empty. If I will not get the temple built, then God will become displeased. I am caught in a religious crisis.” The queen said, “I have some jewellery kept with me. The temple will easily get built with them. You take this jewellery and obey the order of God. While saying this, the queen taking out all the jewellery which was kept at home and which she was wearing, surrendered it in her husband’s feet for the sake of God. King Indradaman went to that place which Parmeshwar had told in Saint form. On finding Kabir Prabhu i.e. the anonymous Saint, requested to stop the sea. God Kabir Ji (KavirDev) said that the direction from which the sea comes rising up, get a platform built there on the seashore; sitting on which I will do bhakti of God and will stop the sea. The king got a platform constructed from a big stone by the sculptors. Parmeshwar Kabir sat down on it. The construction of the temple started again for the sixth time.

At that very moment a Siddh Mahatma from Naath succession came. Naath Ji said to the king, “King, you are getting a very good temple; you should also install an idol in it. Without an idol, what temple would it be? This is my order.” King Indradaman said with folded hands, “Naath Ji, God Shri Krishna Ji had appeared in my dream and ordered to build a temple, and had said that neither have to keep an idol in this temple, nor have to do any heretical pooja.” On hearing king’s statement, Naath said, “Are dreams ever true? Obey my orders and do install an idol of sandlewood.” On saying this, Naath Ji stood up without consuming any refreshment. The king out of fear sent for sandalwood and gave orders to a craftsman to make an idol. To install one idol of Shri Krishna Ji was Naath Ji’s order. Then other gurus-saints advised the king that how will God live alone? He used to keep Shri Balram Ji with him all the time. One said that sister Subhadra was God Shri Krishna Ji’s affectionate sister; how can she live without her brother? It was decided to build three idols. Three craftsmen were appointed. As soon as the idols were made, they broke into pieces. Like this, the idols broke into pieces three times. The king became very worried. He thought that this fame and auspicious deed is not in my fate. The temple gets built and breaks down. Now the idols are breaking. Naath Ji has left annoyed. If I will say that the idols break, then he will think that the king is making excuses; he might curse me. The anxious king neither ate anything, nor slept the whole night. In the morning, went to his royal court in an uneasy state. At that very moment Purna Parmatma (KavirDev) Kabir God assuming the form of an eighty-year-old craftsman appeared in the royal court. He had a bag hanging on the waist in which a saw was clearly visible from outside, as if without any introduction was giving the picture of a craftsman and other drill and adze etc were filled in the bag. God in craftsman’s appearance said to the king, “I have heard that the idols for the temple of God are not getting completed. I am an eighty-year-old man and have sixty years of experience. Every craftsman can not make an idol of sandalwood. If you give permission then your servant is present.” The king said, “Craftsman, you appear to be God who has come as a craftsman for me. I was very worried. I was thinking that if I find an experienced craftsman then the problem might be solved. You may quickly make the idols. KavirDev (God Kabir), who had come in the old craftsman’s form, said, “King, give me a room, sitting in which I will make the idols of God. I will shut the door from inside and make the idols with purity. When these idols will be ready, then the door will open. If someone will open the door in the middle, then to whatever extent the idols will be formed they will remain that much.” The king said, “Do whatever you think is right.”

When twelve days had passed in making the idols, Naath Ji arrived. Naath Ji asked the king, “Indradaman, did you make the idols?” The king, with folded hands, said, “your orders have been fully obeyed, Mahatma Ji. But it is my misfortune that the idols are not getting made. When half-made, they break into pieces. He sent for the pieces of the idols by the servants and showed them to Naath Ji to make him believe. Naath Ji said that the idols have to be made. Get them made now. I will see how they break. The king said, “Naath Ji, effort is being made. A God-sent eighty-year-old experienced craftsman is making the idol in a closed room. He has said that after completing the idols, he will open the door. If anyone will open the door in the middle, then to whatever extent the idols will be made, they will remain that much. Today it has been twelve days since he started making the idols. Neither has he come out, nor has eaten or drunk anything. Naath Ji said that we should see the idols, how he is making them? What will be there to see once they have been made? If they would not have been made correctly, then we will get them made correctly. Saying this Naath Ji taking King Indradaman with him went in front of that room where the idols were being made and called out, “Craftsman, open the door.” Called out several times, but the door did not open, and the sound of ‘khat-khat’ which was coming also stopped. Naath Ji said that you were saying that he is an eighty-year-old man; he has not even eaten or drunk for twelve days, now even the sound has stopped, he might have died. They forcefully opened the door; saw that three idols were kept, the digits of hands and toes of the three had not been made. The craftsman had disappeared.

The temple got built and seeing no other way out and firm on his insistence, Naath Ji said, “Install the idols like this only; perhaps, this only is accepted to God. It seems that Shri Krishna had himself come and made the idols.

The chief Pandey ascertained the auspicious time and next day only installed the idols. All the Pandeys, the chief Panda, the king, the soldiers and the devout persons went to perform the ceremony of imparting life to the idols. Purna Parmeshwar KavirDev (God Kabir) acquiring the appearance of a Shudra stood up facing the temple in the middle of the main door of the temple. He was acting (doing leela) in such a way as if was unaware that the army for the consecration of God is coming from behind. The chief Panda was walking in the front. Even then Parmeshwar kept standing in the middle of the door. Approaching near, the main Panda pushed Parmeshwar, standing in Shudra form, so hard that He fell far away, and acting like a Shudra sat down in a solitary place. Along with the king, all the devout persons went inside the temple and saw that all the idols had acquired the appearance of the Parmeshwar in Shudra form standing on that door. On seeing this spectacle, the people present there were struck with amazement. The chief Panda said, “God has become annoyed because that Shudra has made the main door impure. Therefore all the idols have acquired the appearance of that Shudra. A big misfortune has happened. After sometime the actual forms of the idols were restored. After cleaning several times with Ganga-water, the life-imparting (consecration) ceremony was performed. {KavirDev said see the limit of ignorance and hypocrisy. A craftsman becomes the God of an idol. Then the priest or another saint puts life into that God in idol form i.e. grants life to God. Then that earthern or wooden God accomplishes the tasks. Well done, Hypocrites! Very well befooled the God-loving souls.}

Kabir Sahib

A few days after the installation of the idols, sea-water rose approximately forty feet high, which is called cyclone, and moved towards the temple with great speed. Kabir Parmeshwar was sitting on the platform ahead. He raised His one hand just as a blessing is given. The sea remained arose and remained standing upright like a mountain; could not move ahead. The sea came out in the form of a Brahmin, and said to God sitting on the platform, “Lord, you give way to me. I will go to demolish the temple.” God said that this is not a temple. This is a palace (ashram/monastery). A learned person will live in it and will impart the knowledge of Holy Gita Ji. It does not befit you to destroy it. The sea said that I will definitely demolish it. God said, “Go. Who is stopping you?” The sea said, “I have become helpless. Your power is boundless. Give me way, Lord.” Parmeshwar Kabir Sahib Ji asked, “Why are you doing this?” The sea present in Brahmin form said, “When this Shri Krishna Ji had come in Tretayug in Shri Ramchandra form. He, while showing the fire arrow to me, reproached me bitterly and insulting me had asked me to give way. I am going to take that revenge.”

Kabir Sahib

Parmeshwar Kabir Ji said, “You have already taken the revenge. You have submerged Dwarika.” The sea said, “I have not been able to submerge it completely yet, half is remaining. That also some powerful saint had come before me because of which I could not immerse Dwarika completely. Even now if I try, I am unable to go there. I have been restrained from there.”

Then Parmeshwar Kabir (KavirDev) said, “I only had reached there as well. I only had saved the remainder of it. Now go and swallow the remaining Dwarika as well, but do leave that memorial place where the last rites of Shri Krishna Ji’s body were performed (A very big temple was built on the place where the last rites of Shri Krishna Ji were performed. This monument will remain as evidence that actually Shri Krishna Ji had died and had left his body of five elements. Otherwise in the time to come, people will say that Shri Krishna Ji had not died.).” On getting permission the sea submerged the remaining Dwarika as well. Parmeshwar Kabir Ji (KavirDev) said, “From now on you must never attempt to demolish this Jagannaath temple, and move away from this palace.” Obeying this order of God, the sea bowed down and moved approximately one and a half kilometre away from the temple. In this way, the temple i.e. Dhaam of Shri Jagannaath Ji was established.

From the Beginning there is no Untouchability in Shri Jagannaath Temple

After a few days, the Pandey, who had pushed God Kabir Ji in Shudra form, developed leprosy. Even after taking all kinds of treatment, did not get cured. The suffering of leprosy kept on increasing. He also performed all the religious services, repeatedly cried before Shri Jagannaath Ji and prayed for the removal of suffering, but everything failed. Shri Krishna Ji appeared in his dream and said, “Pandey, wash the feet of that Saint whom you had shoved on the main door of the temple and sip that foot-nectar (charnamrit). Then by His blessings your leprosy can get cured. Only if he will forgive you from His heart, otherwise not.” What choice does a dying man have?

That chief Panda woke up in the morning. Taking many fellow Pandas with him went to that place where God Kabir was sitting in form of the Shudra. As soon as the Panda came near to God, Parmeshwar stood up and started walking, and said, “Panda, I am untouchable; stay away from me. You might become impure. Panda approached nearer; Parmeshwar moved further forward. Then the Panda burst into tears and said, “Parvardigar, forgive my fault.” Then the kind God stopped. Pandey respectfully spread a clean cloth on the ground and requested God to sit on it. God sat down on that cloth. Then that Panda himself washed God’s feet and put the footnectar (charnamrit) in a bowl. God Kabir Ji said, “Pandey, drink this for forty days as well as bathe by putting some in the bathing water. Your leprosy will get cured on the fourtieeth day”, and said that even in future, if anyone will practice untouchability in this Jagannaath temple, then will get its punishment. All the people present there promised that from today onwards no untouchability will be practiced in this sacred place.

Please think: - This is the only temple in India where from the beginning there has been no untouchability.

Even I (this Das) got the opportunity to see that place. I had gone with several disciples to see that place that let us gather some evidence. There, even today we found all the proofs to be evident. The stone (platform) sitting on which Kabir Parmeshwar Ji had stopped the sea to save the temple is present even today. A dome has been built on it as a memorial. A monastery is also present there from the very old mahant (guard) tradition/succession. There, on asking about the information on the above-mentioned protection of the temple from the sea from a nearly seventy years old Mahant Ji, he also told the same thing and said that my ancestors have been Mahants (guards) here for many generations. Here only, Shri Dharmdas Ji and his wife Bhaktmati Amani Devi had given up their bodies. He also showed their graves made adjacent to each other. Then we went inside the temple of Shri Jagannaath Ji. Even today, there is no idol-worship there. But have definitely displayed an exhibition.

The three idols of God Shri Krishna Ji and Shri Balram Ji and sister Subhadra Ji which are installed inside the temple, they do not have digits in both the hands; both the hands are physically defective (stump). Those idols are also not worshipped; they have been kept only for the sake of viewing. There, I asked a guide Pandey that we have heard that the sea had demolished this temple five times and it was reconstructed. Why did the sea demolish it? Then who stopped the sea? Pandey said, “I do not know this much. All this was the grace of Jagannaath Ji, he only had stopped the sea; I have heard that the sea had demolished the temple thrice.” I then asked, “Why did God not stop the sea the first time?” The Pandey said, “It is a leela (divine act) of Jagannaath.”

I then asked, “Is there any untouchability in this temple or not?” He said, “Ever since this temple has been built, there has been no untouchability here. In the temple, a Shudra and a Panda can have food in one plate or a leaf-plate. Nobody forbids them.” I questioned, “Pandey Ji, in other temples previously there used to be a lot of untouchability; why not in this? The God is same.” Pandey’s answer was, “It is a leela (divine act) of Jagannaath.”

Now pious souls should think that how much the truth has been suppressed just by saying a leela of Jagannaath. Sacred monuments are respectable, but self-welfare is only possible by doing bhaktisadhna according to the Tattavgyan mentioned in Holy Gita Ji and Holy Vedas and as given by Parmeshwar Kabir Ji, otherwise, because of being opposite to the scriptures, the human life will be wasted. Evidence: Gita Adhyay 16 Mantra 23, 24. In the temple of Shri Jagannaath, according to the order of God, it is only auspicious to sing the praise of the glory of the knowledge of Holy Gita Ji, and self-welfare is only possible by doing sadhna according to the way of worship mentioned in Shrimad Bhagwat Gita Ji, otherwise, there is no benefit just by visiting Jagannaath Ji or by eating Prasaad of khichdi because this action because of not being mentioned in Shri Gita Ji is against the scripture, which is evident in Adhyay 16 Mantra 23, 24.

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