Scriptural Debate between Maharishi Sarvanand and God Kabir (KavirDev)

God Kabir

Scriptural Debate between Maharishi Sarvanand and God Kabir (KavirDev)

God Kabir and Rishi Sarvanand

There was a Maharishi named Sarvanand. His revered mother Shrimati Sharda Devi was suffering from the results of sinful deeds. She did all poojas and incantations for removal of her sufferings for years. For the removal of physical pain, she also took medicines from doctors, but did not get any relief. She also took updesh from Maharishis of that time, but all the Maharishis said, “Daughter Sharda, this punishment of your sinful deeds is of the deeds performed in the previous birth. This can not be forgiven; this has to be borne. God Shri Ram had killed Bali; the punishment of that sinful deed was borne by the soul of Shri Ram (Vishnu) as Shri Krishna. The soul of Shri Bali became a hunter who killed Shri Krishna Ji by shooting a poisonous arrow in his feet.” In this way, after listening to the views of guruji, mahants and saints-rishis, Bhaktmati Sharda was bearing the suffering of the sinful deeds performed in the previous birth by crying and with a sad mind. One day on the request of a close relative, she obtained updesh from Kavir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) i.e. Lord Kabir who had Himself appeared in bodily form (Swayambhu) in Kaashi city, and that very day became free from suffering. Because it is written in Holy Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 32 that “Kaviranghariasi”i.e. (Kavir) Kabir (anghari) enemy of sins (asi) is; Kabir is the enemy of sins. Then in Adhyay 8 Mantra 13 of the same Holy Yajurved, it is written that Parmatma also finishes (EnasH EnasH) the sins of the sins i.e. the heinous sins. Lord KavirDev (Kabir Parmeshwar) said, “Daughter Sharda, this happiness was not in your fate. I have given this to you from my store and have given the evidence of being the destroyer of sins. Your son Maharishi Sarvanand Ji says that God can not forgive (destroy) sins! You obtain updesh from me and get your welfare done.” Bhaktmati Sharda by obtaining updesh from Parmeshwar God Kabir (Kavirdev), who had come Himself, got her welfare done. Maharishi Sarvanand Ji, who was the son of Bhakmati Sharda, had an eagerness to do scriptural debate. He had defeated all the contemporary scholars by doing scriptural debate. Then thought that I have to say to everyone that I have conquered all the learned men; why not ask my mother to keep my name Sarvajit. Thinking this went to his mother and requested her and said, “Mother, change my name to Sarvajit.” Mother said, “Son, is Sarvanand a bad name?” Maharishi Sarvanand said, “Mother, I have defeated all the learned men in scriptural debate; therefore, keep my name Sarvajit.” Mother said, “Son, defeat one more scholar, my Guru Maharaj KavirDev (Lord Kabir), then I will name my son Sarvajit instantly.” On hearing these words of his mother, Shri Sarvanand first laughed and then said, “Mother, you are innocent. That weaver (Dhaanak) Kabir is illiterate. What is there to defeat him? I will just go and come.”


Maharishi Sarvanand, loading all the scriptures on an ox, went in front of KavirDev’s (God Kabir) hut. First he met Kabir Parmeshwar’s adopted daughter Kamali at the well, then she came to the door and said, “Come Maharishi Ji, this is the home of Param Pita (Supreme Father) Kabir.” Shri Sarvanand Ji made Kamali fill his pot so much so that if one tries to put even a little more water in it, then it would overflow, and said, “Daughter, take this pot very carefully and give it to Kabir, and whatever answer he gives, tell me.” In the pot brought by daughter Kamali, Parmeshwar Kabir (KavirDev) Ji immersed a needle used for sewing clothes, some water came out of the pot and spilled on the ground, and said, “Daughter, return this pot to Shri Sarvanand Ji.” Sarvanand Ji asked the girl Kamali who brought the pot back, “What answer did Kabir give?” Kamali narrated the account of putting the needle by God. Then Maharishi Sarvanand Ji asked the Most Venerable Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev), “What answer have you given to my question?” God Kabir Ji asked, “What was your question?”

Shri Sarvanand Maharishi Ji said, “I have defeated all the scholars in scriptural debate. I had requested my mother to keep my name Sarvajit. My mother has said that she will change my name after I defeat you. The aim of sending a brimful pot to you is that I am filled to capacity with knowledge like this pot is with water. No more water will enter this pot; it will only fall out i.e. doing a discussion with me on knowledge will not reap any benefit. Your knowledge will not enter into me. Any discussion will be futile. Therefore write your defeat; this only is in your benefit.”

Venerable Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) said, “The meaning of putting an iron needle into your brimful pot is that my knowledge (Tattavgyan) is so heavy (True) that just as the needle has settled on the bottom of the pot after displacing the water out of the pot, likewise, my Tattavgyan will enter into your heart by routing your false knowledge (lokved) out.”

Maharishi Sarvanand Ji said, “Ask question.” On seeing a well renowned scholar in a weavers’ (Dhaanaks’) colony, the nearby innocent illiterate weavers gathered to listen to the scriptural debate. Venerable KavirDev questioned:

कौन ब्रह्मा का पिता है, कौन विष्णु की माँ।
शंकर का दादा कौन है, सर्वानन्द दे बताए।।

Maharishi Sarvanand Ji’s answer: - Shri Brahma Ji is Rajogun and Shri Vishnu Ji is equipped with Satgun and Shri Shiv Ji is equipped with Tamgun. These three are Ajar-Amar i.e. immortal, Sarveshwar (God of all Gods), Maheshwar (the Greatest God) and Mrityunjay (one who has won over death). They do not have any mother or father. You are unknolwedgeable. You do not have knowledge about the scriptures. You have raised an absurd question. All the listeners present there applauded and supported Maharishi Sarvanand Ji. Venerable God Kabir (KavirDev) Ji said, “Maharishi Ji, read and translate the third Skand of Shrimad¢Devi Bhagwat Puran and the sixth and seventh Rudra Sanhita Adhyay of Shri Shiv Puran by making God a witness and keeping your hand on Gita Ji. Maharishi Sarvanand Ji took an oath by keeping hand on Gita Ji that I will say the right thing.

On Lord Kabir (KavirDev) Ji’s saying, he read the Holy Purans carefully. It is written in Shri Shiv Puran (Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, whose translator is Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar) from page no. 100-103 that by the union (husband-wife act) of SadaShiv i.e. Kaal-form Brahm and Prakriti (Durga), Satgun Shri Vishnu Ji, Rajgun Shri Brahma Ji and Tamgun Shri Shiv Ji were born. This very Prakriti (Durga), who is called Ashtangi, is called Tridevjanni, the mother of the three gods (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv Ji).

It is clearly described in Third Skand of Holy Shrimad¢Devi Puran (Published from Gita Press Gorakhpur, Translator: Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar and Chiman Lal Goswami) from page no. 114-123 that God Vishnu Ji is saying that this Prakriti (Durga) is the mother of us three. I had seen her at the time when I was a small child. Singing praise of Mother (Durga), Shri Vishnu Ji said, “Oh Mother, I (Vishnu), Brahma and Shiv are perishable. We are in (aavirbhaav) birth and (tirobhaav) death. You are Prakriti Devi.” God Shankar said, “Oh Mother, if Brahma and Vishnu have originated from you, then I, Shankar, have also originated from you i.e. you are my mother too.”

Maharishi Sarvanand Ji on the basis of previously heard incomplete knowledge opposite to the scriptures (lokved) used to describe the three (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv) as imperishable and as those who never take birth (Ajanma). He used to read the Purans, but was still ignorant. Because Brahm (Kaal) says in Holy Gita that I am the intelligence of all the living beings (those who are under me in my twenty-one brahmands). Whenever I wish, can grant knowledge and whenever I wish, I can fill them with ignorance. At that time, after Purna Parmatma’s statement, the pressure of Kaal (Brahm) was removed and Sarvanand Ji became clearly aware that actually this is what is written. But out of fear of disrespect said, “I have read everything. Nowhere is this written.” He said to KavirDev (Kabir God), “You are a liar. What do you know about scriptures? We read it everyday.” Then what, Sarvanand Ji started speaking Sanskrit non-stop. For twenty minutes kept on speaking some other speech known by heart from the Vedas; did not narrate the Puran.

All the innocent listeners present there who were not even able to understand that Sanskrit, impressed by Sarvanand Maharishi Ji, in support started saying, “Wah Wah (splendid) Mahagyani (Great Scholar). In other words, declared Parmeshwar Kabir (KavirDev) Ji as defeated and Maharishi Sarvanand Ji victorious. Most venerable Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) Ji said, “Sarvanand, you had taken oath of Holy Gita Ji and you forgot that too. When you are not accepting the truth written in the scriptures in front of you, then I lose and you win.”

A farmer’s son used to study in class seven. He had learned a little bit of English language. One day both father and son were going in a bullock cart in the fields. An Englishman came from ahead. He asked the way from the people in the bullock cart in English. The father said to the son, “Son, this Englishman is trying to prove himself to be very educated. You also know English language. Take his haughtiness out. Show him by speaking in English.” The farmer’s son recited an application for sick leave in English. The Englishman, irritated by the foolishness of that foolish child that I am asking the way and he is reciting an application for sick leave, tapped his forehead with his hand and took his car and went away. The farmer patted the back of his victorious son and said, “Well done, son. You have made my life successful.” Today you defeated an Englishman in English language.” Then the son said that father, I also remember ‘My best friend’. If I had recited that, then the Englishman would have left his car and run away. Likewise, KavirDev Ji is asking something and Sarvanand Ji is answering something else. These scriptural debates have ruined homes.

Most Venerable Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) said, “Sarvanand Ji, you win and I lose.” Maharishi Sarvanand Ji said, “Give it to me in writing. I do not do an incomplete job.” God Kabir (KavirDev) Ji said, “You may do this grace as well. Write whatever you want; I will make a thumb print.” Maharishi Sarvanand Ji wrote that ‘In scriptural debate, Sarvanand won and Kabir Sahib lost’ and he made God Kabir put a thumb print on it. Sarvanand Ji went to his mother and said, “See the proof of your Gurudev’s defeat.” Bhaktmati Sharda Ji said, “Son, read it aloud.” When Sarvanand Ji read, then it was written in it that ‘In scriptural debate, Sarvanand lost and God Kabir (KavirDev) won’. Sarvanand’s mother said, “Son, you were saying that you have won, but you have lost!” Maharishi Sarvanand Ji said, “Mother, I was busy in the scriptural debate continuosly for many days. That is why, because of feeling sleepy, I have committed a mistake in writing. I will go again and will bring it after writing correctly.” The mother had put a condition that ‘I will only accept a written proof of victory and not a verbal one’. Maharishi Sarvanand went again for the second time and said, “Kabir Sahib, there has been a flaw in my writing; will have to write again.” Sahib Kabir Ji said, “Write again.” Sarvanand Ji, after writing it again and getting a thumb print, went to his mother and again found it to be opposite. He said, “Mother, I will go again.” He brought it again the third time and read it before entering into the house and found that it was written correctly. Sarvanand Ji did not take his eyes off the text and walking into his house started saying, “Should I read.” On saying this when he started reading, then in front of his eyes, the words changed. Third time again, this very proof got written that ‘In scriptural debate, Sarvanand lost and Kabir Sahib won’. Sarvanand could not speak. Then mother said, “Son, why do not you speak? Read what is written.” The mother knew that the ignorant child is going to strike against a mountain. The mother said to Sarvanand, “Son, God has come. Go and falling at his feet, ask for forgiveness and by taking updesh make your life successful.” Sarvanand Ji, falling at the feet of his mother, started crying and said, “Mother, this is God who has come Himself. You please come with me; I am embarrassed.” Sarvanand Ji’s mother took her son to God Kabir and got Sarvanand Ji also take updesh from Kabir Parmeshwar. Then that ignorant living being, who was called Maharishi, got salvation only after coming in the feet of Purna Parmatma (Complete God). Purna Brahm God Kabir (KavirDev) said, “Sarvanand, you did not understand the scriptures even on the basis of literacy. Because without coming in my refuge, Brahm (Kaal) does not allow anyone’s intellect to develop completely. Now again read these Holy Vedas, Holy Gita Ji and Holy Purans. Now you have become a Brahman. “Brahman soii Brahm pahchaane”, only he is a learned who recognises God and then gets his welfare done.

Important: 550 years ago, Kabir Parmeshwar (KavirDev) Ji also gave this knowledge of Holy Vedas, Holy Gita Ji and Holy Purans in His ordinary speech, which the maharishis from that time until now, describing it as a language with grammatical errors did not even find it important to read and said that Kabir is ignorant; he is illiterate. What does he know about the hidden secrets written in Sanskrit language in the scriptures and Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji have no mother and father. They never take birth (Ajanma), are immortal (Ajar-Amar), eternal (Avinashi) and God of all the Gods (Sarveshwar), Greatest God (Maheshwar), who have won over death (Mrityunjay). They are the creator of the entire nature and are endowed with the three gunas. They kept on giving these sorts of explanations until now. Today those very Holy Scriptures are with us, in which there is clear description about the mother and father of the three Gods (Shri Braham Ji Rajgun, Shri Vishnu Ji Satgun and Shri Shiv Ji Tamgun). At that time, our ancestors were illiterate and educated class did not have complete knowledge of the scriptures. Even then deliberately falsified the true knowledge given by God Kabir (KavirDev) that Kabir is telling a lie; it is not written in any scripture that Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji have any mother-father. Whereas Holy Purans are a witness that Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji take birth and die. These are not immortal and the mother of these three gods is Prakriti (Durga) and the father is Jyoti Niranjan / Kaal-form Brahm.

Today the whole human society, brothers-sisters, children, adults and elderly, sons and daughters are educated. Today no one can mislead that what ever is written in the sacred speech ofGod Kabir (KavirDev) Ji is not written in the scriptures.

Sacred Speech of Venerable God Kabir (KavirDev): -

धर्मदास यह जग बौराना। कोइ न जाने पद निरवाना।।
अब मैं तुमसे कहों चिताई। त्रिायदेवन की उत्पति भाई।।
ज्ञानी सुने सो हिरदै लगाई। मूर्ख सुने सो गम्य ना पाई।।
माँ अष्टंगी पिता निरंजन। वे जम दारुण वंशन अंजन।।
पहिले कीन्ह निरंजन राई। पीछेसे माया उपजाई।।
धर्मराय किन्हाँ भोग विलासा। मायाको रही तब आसा।।
तीन पुत्र अष्टंगी जाये। ब्रा विष्णु शिव नाम धराये।।
तीन देव विस्त्तार चलाये। इनमें यह जग धोखा खाये।।
तीन लोक अपने सुत दीन्हा। सु निरंजन बासा लीन्हा।।
अलख निरंजन सु ठिकाना। ब्रा विष्णु शिव भेद न जाना।।
अलख निरंजन बड़ा बटपारा। तीन लोक जिव कीन्ह अहारा।।
ब्रा विष्णु शिव नहीं बचाये। सकल खाय पुन धूर उड़ाये।।
तिनके सुत हैं तीनों देवा। आंधर जीव करत हैं सेवा।।
तीनों देव और औतारा। ताको भजे सकल संसारा।।
तीनों गुणका यह विस्त्तारा। धर्मदास मैं कहों पुकारा।।
गुण तीनों की भक्ति में, भूल परो संसार।
कहै कबीर निज नाम बिन, कैसे उतरें पार।।

In the aforesaid sacred speech, God Kabir Ji is saying to His personal disciple, Shri Dharmdas Ji that Dharmdas, this whole world is perplexed because of lack of Tattavgyan (true spiritual knowledge). No one has knowledge of the path to complete salvation and the whole creation of nature. Therefore, let me tell you the story of the nature created by me. The wise men will understand quickly. But, those who will not accept it even after seeing all the evidences, those ignorant beings are influenced by Kaal’s force; they are not worthy of doing bhakti (devotion). Now I will tell you how were the three gods (Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji and Shiv Ji) born? Their mother is Ashtangi (Durga) and father is Jyoti Niranjan (Brahm / Kaal). At first, Brahm originated from an egg. Then, Durga was born. After getting attracted towards Durga’s looks, Kaal (Brahm) misbehaved with her and Durga (Prakriti) then took refuge in his stomach. I went there, where Jyoti Niranjan / Kaal was present. I took out Bhavani (Durga) from Brahm’s stomach and sent them 16 sankh kos away along with the 21 brahmands. Jyoti Niranjan did intercourse with Prakriti Devi (Durga). From their union, the three gunas [Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji] were born. All the living beings are held in Kaal’s trap because of worshipping these three Gunas only (Rajgun – Brahma Ji, Satgun – Vishnu Ji, and Tamgun – Shiv Ji). Until one gets the real mantra, how would one get completely liberated?

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