Manifestation of God Kabir (Kavir Dev) in Kalyug

God Kabir

Manifestation of God Kabir (Kavir Dev) in Kalyug

God Kabir in Kalyuga

Kabir (also known as Kabir Das or Sant Kabir) in Vikrami Samvat 1455 (1398 A.D.) on a full moon day (Purnima) of the month of Jeth (May-June), early morning in Brahm- Muhurat Himself came from His original place Satlok. He acquired a child form on a lotus flower in Lahar Tara Lake in Kaashi city. First of all it is important to know about Neeru and Neema that who were they.

Is Kabir Sahib or Kabir Das or Sant Kabir the same?

Kabir Sahib despite being Supreme God lived the life of a pauper and was renowned as a Saint. Some people also called him Das. As a result he was addressed as Kabir Das or Sant Kabir. In Vedas, Kabir Das is addressed as Kavir Dev.

Who were Neeru & Neema | Acquired parents of Sant Kabir

Neeru and Neema were both Brahmins by the name Gauri Shankar and Saraswati. They were worshippers of God Shiv. They used to narrate the glory of God Shiv from Shiv Puran selflessly to devout souls. They did not use to take money from anyone. They were such noble souls that if anyone used to give them any donation, out of it they used to keep whatever was sufficient for their food and used to do bhandara (provide a common meal) of the rest.

{In Dwapar Yug Neeru-Neema were parents of Supach Sudarshan. They had not accepted what Kabir Sahib used to say at that time. In the end Sudarshan had requested Kabir Sahib in Karunamay form that God, you have given me everything by giving me updesh (initiation). Todate there has been no need to ask you for anything because you fulfilled all the desires and also enriched me with the real wealth of bhakti. Das has a request, if you find it appropriate, then accept it. If my parents attain a human body in any birth, then please look after them, God. They are very pious souls, but today their mind has reversed. They are not accepting the God’s speech. Kabir Sahib said, “Don’t worry; otherwise you will get stuck here because of your parents. Let the time come, I will take care of them too. I will release them from Kaal’s trap. You go to Satlok with peace.” Sudarshan Ji went to Satlok.

Sudarshan’s parents had two births in Brahmin families prior to their birth as Neeru-Neema in Kalyug. At that time also they remained childless. Then they had the third human birth in Kaashi. At that time also they were Brahmins only (by the name Gauri Shankar and Saraswati), were still childless.}

Other selfish Brahmins used to be jealous of Gauri Shankar and Saraswati because Gauri Shankar used to do katha selflessly. He did not use to mislead devotees for the greed of money; as a result of which had become an object of praise. On the other hand the Muslims came to know that Neeru-Neema do not have any Brahmin Hindu with them. They took advantage of this and forcefully converted them into Muslims. The Muslims sprinkled their water in their whole house and also put it in their mouth; sprinkled it on all the clothes. At this the Hindu Brahmins said that now they have become Muslims. From today onwards they do not have any relation with us.

Poor Gauri Shankar and Saraswati became helpless. The Muslims kept the man’s name as Neeru and the woman’s name as Neema. Previously, whatever donation they used to get was running their livelihood, and whatever money was saved, they did not use to misuse it. They used to do a religious bhandara from the remaining money. Now even the donation stopped coming. They thought now what work shall we do? They installed a hand-mill and started working as weavers. At that time also after fulfilling their needs, they used to spend the remaining money in bhandara. The Hindu Brahmins had prohibited Neeru-Neema from taking bath in Ganga. They used to say that now you have become Muslims.

Apperance of God Kabir on a Lotus Flower

Kabir Sahib

The water of Ganga, splashing through waves, used to fill a big lake named Lahar Tara in Kaashi city. It used to remain filled with very pure water. Lotus flower were growing in it. In 1398 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1455) on a full moon day in the month of Jyesth (May-June), in Brahm-Muhurat (Brahm-Muhurat is approximately 1½ hours before sunrise), Parmeshwar Kabir (KavirDev) coming in bodily form from His Satyalok (Ritdhaam), acquiring a child form, became seated on a lotus flower in Lahar Tara lake in Kaashi city. Neeru and Neema were going to the same lake to take bath early morning in Brahm-Muhurat. A very bright mass of light (Parmeshwar Kabir Ji had come in form of a child with a very bright body; because of the distance, appeared only as a mass of light) came from above (from Satyalok) and became contained in the lotus flower, by which the entire Lahar Tara Lake started dazzling, and then going in one corner, it disappeared. One of the disciples of Ramanand Ji, Rishi Ashtanand Ji was seeing this spectacle with his own eyes. Ashtanand Ji also used to go to a solitary place to take bath everyday. Sitting there used to do jaap of the mantra which Gurudev had given and used to enjoy the nature. When Swami Ashtanand Ji saw that such a bright light that even the eyes were dazzled, Rishi Ji thought that whether it is any accomplishment of my bhakti or a deception. Thinking this, to ask the reason, went to his Gurudev.

Ashtanand Ji asked Respected Ramanand Ji that oh Gurudev! I have seen such a light today which I have never seen before in my life. Narrated the whole account that a mass of light was coming from the sky. When I saw, my eyes could not bear the light. Therefore became shut, I saw a child’s form in closed eyes. (Like, after looking at the sun, only a ball is visible, similarly, the child became visible.) Was this any achievement of my bhakti or my sight defect? Swami Ramanand Ji replied that son, such signs occur when incarnations come from the upper Loks. They will appear at someone’s place, will take birth from some mother and then will do leela (because these Rishis only have this much knowledge that one can only take birth from a mother). Based on whatever knowledge the Rishi had, he resolved the doubt of his disciple.

Neeru & Neema find God Kabir on a lotus flower in Lahar Tara Pond

Kabir Sahib

Neeru and Neema were going to take bath that same day. On the way, Neema prayed to God, “Oh God Shiv! (Because although they had become Muslims, but were unable to forget their sadhna from heart which they were doing for so many years) Have you become short of a child for us? You could have also given one child to us; even our life would have become successful.” Saying this she burst into tears. Her husband Neeru said that Neema, it is beneficial to remain happy in God’s wish. If you will keep on crying like this, then your body will become weak, you will lose sight. There is no child in our fate. While saying this reached Lahar Tara pond. It was a bit dark. Neema came out after bathing; changed her clothes. Neeru entered into the pond and started bathing by plunging into water. When Neema went again on the bank of the river to wash the cloth worn during bathing, by then the darkness had cleared. The sun was about to rise. Neema saw in the pond that something is moving on a lotus flower in front. God Kabir in the form of a child had one toe in His mouth and was moving the other foot. At first Neema thought it might be a snake and might be coming towards my husband. Then saw that it is a child. A child on a lotus flower! At once shouted to her husband that watch out, the child will drown, the child will drown! Neeru said that fool, you have turned mad for kids. Now you see a child in water also. Neema said, “Yes, see in front on the lotus flower.” Influenced by her intense voice, Neeru saw where she was pointing; a child is lying on a lotus flower in the form of a newly born baby. Neeru brought that child along with the flower and gave him to Neema, and himself started bathing. Neeru came out after having bath; Neema was cuddling the Parmeshwar who had come in the child form and was praising and praying to God Shiv that oh God, you have fulfilled my desire that I had for years (because she was a worshipper of Shiv). Just today I had called out from heart, and you heard it.

That Kabir Parmeshwar, by taking whose name a special thrilling sensation occurs in our heart, in whose love hair stand on end and the soul is moved, the mother who would have embraced and loved Him like a child, the happiness which she would have experienced, that is inexplainable. Like a mother loves a child, in a similar manner, sometime she kissed Him on face, sometime was cuddling Him and was again and again looking at His face. Meanwhile Neeru came out after bathing. (Because a man is more concerned about the society) He calculated that we have not developed any special love with the Muslims and the Hindu Brahmins hate us. At first the Muslims took advantage of this and made us Muslims because we did not have any companion. Now if we will take this child, then people will say that tell us, who are the parents of this child? You have stolen someone’s child. His mother must be crying. What answer will we give, what will we say? If we will tell that we found him on a lotus flower, then nobody would believe us. Contemplating all this, Neeru said that Neema, leave this child here only. Neema said that I can not leave this child. I can give my life; I will die in agony. Who knows what spell this child has casted on me? I can not leave him. Now Neeru explained the whole thing that this can happen with us. Neema said that I can even take exile for this child, but will not leave him. Seeing her foolishness Neeru thought that she has gone mad; she is not even seeing the society. Neeru said to Neema that todate I had never disregarded you because we did not have children. Whatever you said, I accepted. But I will not listen to you today. Either you keep this child here only, or I will just give you two slaps. That greatman had held his hand towards his wife for the first time. At that very moment, God Kabir (KavirDev) in the form of the infant said that Neeru take me home. You will not face any problem. On hearing the words of God in infant form Neeru became frightened that this child might be an angel or some Siddh person and I might get into trouble. He started walking silently.

When they brought the child home, everyone forgot to ask from where have you brought him? Kaashi’s men and women came to see the child and said that he appears to be some god. We have never seen such a beautiful body, such a bright child before. Someone said that he is some god among Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh. Brahma- Vishnu-Mahesh said that this is some power which has come from the upper loks. In this way, everybody was giving his comment.

Vani by Gabrib Das ji in Sat Granth about the above context.

गरीब, चौरासी बंधन कटे, कीनी कलप कबीर। भवन चतुरदश लोक सब, टूटे जम जंजीर।।376।।
गरीब, अनंत कोटि ब्रांड में, बंदी छोड़ कहाय। सो तौ एक कबीर हैं, जननी जन्या न माय।।377।।
गरीब, शब्द स्वरूप साहिब धनी, शब्द सिंध सब माँहि। बाहर भीतर रमि रह्या, जहाँ तहां सब ठांहि।।378।।
गरीब, जल थल पृथ्वी गगन में, बाहर भीतर एक। पूरणब्रह्म कबीर हैं, अविगत पुरूष अलेख।।379।।
गरीब, सेवक होय करि ऊतरे, इस पृथ्वी के माँहि। जीव उधारन जगतगुरु, बार बार बलि जांहि।।380।।
गरीब, काशीपुरी कस्त किया, उतरे अधर अधार। मोमन कूं मुजरा हुवा, जंगल में दीदार।।381।।
गरीब, कोटि किरण शशि भान सुधि, आसन अधर बिमान। परसत पूरणब्रह्म कूं, शीतल पिंडरू प्राण।।382।।
गरीब, गोद लिया मुख चूंबि करि, हेम रूप झलकंत। जगर मगर काया करै, दमकैं पदम अनंत।।383।।
गरीब, काशी उमटी गुल भया, मोमन का घर घेर। कोई कहै ब्रह्मा विष्णु हैं, कोई कहै इन्द्र कुबेर।।384।।
गरीब, कोई कहै छल ईश्वर नहींं, कोई किंनर कहलाय। कोई कहै गण ईश का, ज्यूं ज्यूं मात रिसाय।।388।।
गरीब, कोई कहै वरूण धर्मराय है, कोई कोई कहते ईश। सोलह कला सुभांन गति, कोई कहै जगदीश।।385।।
गरीब, भक्ति मुक्ति ले ऊतरे, मेटन तीनूं ताप। मोमन के डेरा लिया, कहै कबीरा बाप।।386।।
गरीब, दूध न पीवै न अन्न भखै, नहींं पलने झूलंत। अधर अमान धियान में, कमल कला फूलंत।।387।।
गरीब, काशी में अचरज भया, गई जगत की नींद। ऎसे दुल्हे ऊतरे, ज्यूं कन्या वर बींद।।389।।
गरीब, खलक मुलक देखन गया, राजा प्रजा रीत। जंबूदीप जिहाँन में, उतरे शब्द अतीत।।390।।
गरीब, दुनी कहै योह देव है, देव कहत हैं ईश। ईश कहै पारब्रह्म है, पूरण बीसवे बीस।।391।।

Kabir Sahib alone is the eternal Supreme Guru. Kabir Sahib only gave updesh to Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv etc gods, Rishi-Munis and saints on coming from His Satlok from time to time.

Respected Garibdas Ji Maharaj has written in his speech that

आदि अंत हमरा नहीं, मध्य मिलावा मूल। ब्रह्मा ज्ञान सुनाईया, धर पिंडा अस्थूल।।
श्वेत भूमिका हम गए, जहां विश्वम्भरनाथ। हरियम हीरा नाम दे, अष्ट कमल दल स्वांति।। हम बैरागी ब्रह्म पद, सन्यासी महादेव। सोहं मंत्र दिया शंकर कूं, करत हमारी सेव।।
हम सुल्तानी नानक तारे , दादू कूं उपदेश दिया। जाति जुलाहा भेद न पाया, कांशी माहे कबीर हुआ।।
सतयुग में सतसुकृत कहैं टेरा, त्रोता नाम मुनिन्द्र मेरा।
द्वापर में करूणामय कहलाया, कलियुग में नाम कबीर धराया।।
चारों युगों में हम पुकारैं, कूक कह्या हम हेल रे।
हीरे मानिक मोती बरसें, ये जग चुगता ढेल रे।।

It is proved from the aforesaid speech that Kabir Parmeshwar alone is the Eternal God. He only is eternal-immortal. This very God, Himself coming in all the four yugas, gives his true path of bhakti.

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