Creation of Nature by Kabir Sahib

God Kabir

Creation of Nature by Kabir Sahib

धर्मदास यह जग बौराना। कोइ न जाने पद निरवाना।।
यहि कारन मैं कथा पसारा। जगसे कहियो एक राम नियारा।।
यही ज्ञान जग जीव सुनाओ। सब जीवोंका भरम नशाओ।।
अब मैं तुमसे कहों चिताई। त्रयदेवनकी उत्पति भाई।।

In the aforesaid sacred speech, God Kabir Sahib Ji is saying to His disciple, Shri Dharamdas Sahib Ji that Dharamdas, this whole world is perplexed because of lack of the true knowledge. No one is aware of the true path of complete salvation or has the complete knowledge of the creation of nature. Therefore, let me tell you the true story of the nature created by me. Tell this knowledge to everyone and clear the suspicion of living beings. Now I will tell you how were the three gods (Brahma Ji, Vishnu Ji and Shiv Ji) born?

कुछ संक्षेप कहों गुहराई। सब संशय तुम्हरे मिट जाई।।
भरम गये जग वेद पुराना। आदि रामका का भेद न जाना।।
राम राम सब जगत बखाने। आदि राम कोइ बिरला जाने।।
ज्ञानी सुने सो हिरदै लगाई। मूर्ख सुने सो गम्य ना पाई।।

I will say it in brief and it will dispel all your doubts. The whole world is perplexed by the Vedas and Purans because of lack of true knowledge and no one knows about the secret of Supreme God (Aadi Ram). The whole world is doing Ram-Ram but rarely anyone knows about the Supreme God. The wise men will understand promptly. But, those who will not accept it even after seeing all the evidences are ignorant and are influenced by Kaal’s force. They are not worthy of doing bhakti (devotion).

मां अष्टंगी पिता निरंजन। वे जम दारुण वंशन अंजन।।
पहिले कीन्ह निरंजन राई। पीछेसे माया उपजाई।।
माया रूप देख अति शोभा। देव निरंजन तन मन लोभा।।
कामदेव धर्मराय सत्ताये। देवी को तुरतही धर खाये।।

पेट से देवी करी पुकारा। साहब मेरा करो उबारा।।
टेर सुनी तब हम तहाँ आये। अष्टंगी को बंद छुड़ाये।।
सतलोक में कीन्हा दुराचारि, काल निरंजन दिन्हा निकारि।।
माया समेत दिया भगाई, सोलह संख कोस दूरी पर आई।।

अष्टंगी और काल अब दोई, मंद कर्म से गए बिगोई।।
धर्मराय को हिकमत कीन्हा। नख रेखा से भगकर लीन्हा।।
धर्मराय किन्हाँ भोग विलासा। मायाको रही तब आसा।।
तीन पुत्र अष्टंगी जाये। ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव नाम धराये।।

Their mother is Ashtangi (Durga) and father is Jyoti Niranjan. At first, Brahm (Kaal) was born from an egg. Then, Durga was created. After getting attracted towards her looks, Kaal misbehaved with Durga and Durga then took refuge in his stomach. I went there, where Jyoti Niranjan Kaal was present. I took out Bhavani from Kaal’s stomach and sent them 16 sankh (One Hundred Quadrillion) miles away along with the 21 brahmands. Jyoti Niranjan did intercourse with Prakriti Devi (Durga). With their alliance, three qualities (gunas) [Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji] were born.

तीन देव विस्त्तार चलाये। इनमें यह जग धोखा खाये।।
पुरुष गम्य कैसे को पावै। काल निरंजन जग भरमावै।।
तीन लोक अपने सुत दीन्हा। सुन्न निरंजन बासा लीन्हा।।
अलख निरंजन सुन्न ठिकाना। ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव भेद न जाना।।

The whole world is being deceived by the three Gods and no one is able to grasp the knowldege about The Supreme God because of being misled by Kaal Niranjan. Kaal gave the three loks (worlds) to his three children and himself settled in the vaccum place above.

तीन देव सो उसको धावें। निरंजन का वे पार ना पावें।।
अलख निरंजन बड़ा बटपारा। तीन लोक जिव कीन्ह अहारा।।
ब्रह्मा विष्णु शिव नहीं बचाये। सकल खाय पुन धूर उड़ाये।।
तिनके सुत हैं तीनों देवा। आंधर जीव करत हैं सेवा।।

अकाल पुरुष काहू नहिं चीन्हां। काल पाय सबही गह लीन्हां।।
ब्रह्म काल सकल जग जाने। आदि ब्रह्मको ना पहिचाने।।
तीनों देव और औतारा। ताको भजे सकल संसारा।।
तीनों गुणका यह विस्त्तारा। धर्मदास मैं कहों पुकारा।।

गुण तीनों की भक्ति में, भूल परो संसार।
कहै कबीर निज नाम बिन, कैसे उतरैं पार।।

All the human beings are held in Kaal’s trap because of worshipping these three Gunas only (Rajgun – Brahma Ji, Satgun – Vishnu Ji, and Tamgun – Shiv Ji). How can they achieve complete salvation unless they get the real Mantra?

The three gods (Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu ji and Shri Shiv ji) also worship this Brahm i.e. Kaal God. This Brahm has not even met these because he has pledged that I will not appear brfore anyone by any method mentioned in the Vedas or by any other jap (recitation of mantra), tap (penance) or way of worship. Evidence is in Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 47-48. Supreme God Kabir Ji has told that everyone is familiar with the glory of Brahm, but nobody knows the Aadi Brahm i.e. Param Akshar Brahm. Everyone is worshipping the three gods and Brahm (Kaal). As a result of which, they remain in Kaal’s trap. This Brahm (Kaal) even eats his sons (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv). Then, he gives birth to new Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv. Thus, he deceives everyone in his brahmands; himself lives separately in the vacuum place above. Supreme God Kabir Ji has explained all this web of Kaal.

Important: Dear readers may please think that the state of Shri Brahma Ji, Shri Vishnu Ji and Shri Shiv Ji had been described as eternal. The whole Hindu society todate kept considering these three gods to be immortal, eternal and free from birth-death; whereas, these three are perishable. Their father is Kaal-form Brahm and mother is Durga (Prakriti/Ashtangi), as you have also read in the previous evidences. This knowledge is also present in our scriptures, but the unknowledgeable gurus, rishis and saints of the Hindu society do not have knowledge. A teacher, who is not even acquainted with the syllabus, is not right (is not learned); he is an enemy of the future of the students. Similarly, the gurus (spiritual leaders), who uptil now do not even know who is the mother–father of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiv Ji, those gurus, rishis, and saints are unknowledgeable. Because of which, by narrating knowledge opposite to the scriptures (lokved i.e. folklore/baseless stories), filled the entire bhakt[1] community with ignorance. By making them do sadhna[2] opposite to the injunctions of the scriptures, kept them devoid of the real benefit (complete salvation) of the Parmatma (Supreme God), and ruined everyone’s human birth because this is also evident in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 16 Shlok 23, 24 that he who, abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, follows arbitrary way of worship, does not obtain any benefit. Since 1403 only, Purna Parmatma Kabir Ji had started telling the knowledge of all the scriptures in His sacred speech (Kavir Vaani). But those unknowledgeable gurus did not let this knowledge go to the bhakt society, which is now coming out. It has been proved from this that Purna Parmatma KavirDev (God Kabir) had Himself come in the form of a Tattavdarshi Saint.

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